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Spiritual Mastery Books

Spiritual Mastery
Book Series

Dive into the mystical world of crystal energy healing with "Spiritual Practitioner Mastery" by Jennifer Lynn White. This enlightening guide bridges ancient wisdom and modern practice, unveiling the potent healing powers of crystals. Uncover the ancient knowledge of Atlantis and its influence on cultures like Egypt, exploring the scientific and spiritual facets of crystals. Learn about their chakra alignments, properties, and how to use them for meditation and holistic healing.

This comprehensive 6x9/502 page resource not only covers the art of crystallography and ethical sourcing but also delves into practical applications such as creating powerful crystal grids and therapeutic elixirs for enhanced well-being. Acquire skills to conduct transformative crystal energy healing sessions, integrating techniques like Reiki and herbalism for a holistic approach. Learn to set up a successful healing practice, with insights on everything from equipment to marketing and vital self-care practices.


Connect deeply with the divine, invoking archangels and deities to guide your healing journey. Embrace the intuitive process of selecting crystals, fostering a profound relationship with these earthly treasures. This guide, enriched with digital courses from Deeply Rooted Journey Spiritual Accreditation Academy, offers a complete toolkit for mastering the art of crystal healing and spiritual practice, catering to both beginners and seasoned practitioners seeking to expand their knowledge and skills.


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