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Holy Fire 111®  Certification
Level 1 
 - Energy Exchange $88 USD

Reiki Master Teacher Jennifer Lynn White teaches the fundamentals of Usui Holy Fire 111 Level 1. This is a completely automated digital course giving you the flexibility of time to learn at your own pace. This course provides you with an online student platform that can be accessed on any device. Reiki Level 1 focusses on your personal and daily practice of using Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki) for your Mind, Body and Soul Healing. You will receive your Level 1 Placement/Attunement to Reiki Energy and will  receive the knowledge you will require to incorporate Reiki into your day for all aspects of your life including family, friends, pets, plants and so much more. When you have received your Placement to Reiki - It will be a re-discovery of 

your birth right to Universal Source Energy Healing (The same Source Energy you originate from) - It is giving permission to be guided through your life journey and your Soul's Mission and Purpose. Reiki is a Gateway to your Natural Intuitive Gifts - You will begin the Journey of Self-Actualization by releasing everything that no longer serves your Highest and Greatest good. You will naturally be drawn to letting go of past negative life experiences/traumas, people, places, things and inviting in new experiences and opportunities, belief systems, habits, passions and discovering the JOY in your life - leading you down the path to your Real Purpose for being here this lifetime... I have made Unit 1 availble free for you to decide if this Self-Paced Online Course resonates for you?! Although I know there is no coincidence that you are here! You have been guided to begin your Reiki Journey today! Follow your inner guidance, the synchronistic messages, follow the JOY - It will lead you to your Purpose!


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UDEMY - UNIT 1 - Reiki Level 2 - THE 3 PILLARS OF REIKI EXPLAINED - Deeply Rooted Journey

Holy Fire 111®  Certification
Level 2 
 - Energy Exchange $144 USD


In Usui Holy Fire 111® Reiki Level 11 your Reiki Knowledge will expand by learning the Reiki Level 11 Symbols and all about creating a thriving Reiki Business of your own. You will be taught everything you need to feel confident giving Reiki Sessions to clients from how to prepare a session right through a complete session and how to interact with your clients by sharing the guidance received for them during their session.  You will receive all the tools, tips and knowledge to become a successful Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Leader for your Community.

Qualifications for this Course:

You must have received your Level 1 Reiki Placement or Attunement and have been practicing on yourself, family or friends for a Minimum of 6 months. The style of Reiki in which you were taught in Level 1 is not relevant to taking this Level 11 Course - Usui Holy Fire 111® Reiki Energy will automatically ascend you to the Usui Holy Fire 111® Energy once your Level 11 Placement has been received.

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Holy Fire 111®  Certification
Kids Level 1 
 - Energy Exchange $88 USD



* Learn what Reiki is

* Learn where Reiki Comes From

* Learn Self-Healing Hand Placements

* Learn Hand Placements for Healing Others

* Learn the Reiki Principles

* Learn about the 7 Main Chakras

* Learn about the Energy Body

* Learn & Create a Crystal Protection Grid for

their Bedroom

* Grounding Meditation

* Reiki Fun Activities

* Reiki Attunement - Gift from Reiki Energy

* Receive Usui Holy Fire 111® Reiki Level 1 Certificate

This is a completely automated digital course giving you the flexibility of time to learn at your own pace. This course provides you with an online student platform that can be accessed on any device.

How does Reiki benefit kids?

The beneficial effects of Reiki for children are numerous. It soothes fears, anxiety and promotes feelings of safety, calmness and a healthy sense of well-being. Reiki also helps them develop Self-Confidence and the ability to get along with others. It supports their learning abilities by clearing excessive brain chatter, making room for more clarity and focus. Reiki is an extremely gentle, soothing, healing process, helping children feel more balanced giving them a tool they can utilize daily implementing emotional stability and Self-Nurturing wherever and whenever they require it. 

Jennifer white is an energetic wellness practitioner and a certified Usui Holy Fire 111® Master Teacher - her passions include empowering others with Self-Healing tools in which they can lead a joyful, fulfilling and balanced lifestyle for their Mind, Body and Spirit. Jennifer believes strongly that children are our greatest teachers, the changemakers for the bright future ahead. she loves teaching children the power they have within of learning to become empowered by their emotions which increases their confidence and ultimate success in all aspects of their lives, especially teaching them that the most important relationship to nurture and Unconditionally Love is the relationship with themselves.