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21-Day Self Reiki Journal - Reiki Teacher & Practitioner - Business Tools

21-Day Self Reiki Journal - Reiki Teacher & Practitioner - Business Tools


Embark on a transformative self-healing journey with the "21-day (29 pages) Self Reiki Journey Journal", meticulously crafted for Reiki Masters, Teachers, and Practitioners. This digital marvel is ingeniously designed to be an indispensable addition to your Reiki support toolkit, enhancing both your teaching prowess and the therapeutic experience of your clients and students. Discover the essence of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth encapsulated in this digital download, available exclusively as a PDF product.


Product Features:

  • Digital Excellence: A downloadable PDF product, ensuring instant access without the wait for physical delivery. This eco-friendly choice brings the healing power of Reiki right to your fingertips.
  • Comprehensive Content: The journal commences with a "Placement Intention" page, followed by a "Post Placement Journal Worksheet", inviting introspection and reflection right from the start. Delve deeper into Reiki's core with "The 5 Reiki Principles", designed to guide you through the ethical and spiritual aspects of Reiki practice.
  • Self-Treatment Guidance: Discover detailed "Self Treatment Hand Placements" instructions, accompanied by a "Self Treatment Calendar" to meticulously track your healing journey. The heart of the journal, pages 8 to 22, serves as your Reiki Journal, a sacred space for documenting insights, experiences, and progress.
  • Customizable Experience: Easily edit the template in your free Canva account, allowing for complete personalization. Change fonts, text, colors, images, and upload your own photos, tailoring the journal to your unique journey.


How to Use:

  • Create a complimentary account on
  • Post-purchase, download the PDF containing all necessary links and instructions.
  • Access the template directly through the provided links, launching you into your personal Canva workspace.
  • Customize and download your finished design as a PDF, ready to be shared digitally or printed as per your preference.


What You Can Edit:

  • Fonts, text, and their positioning to reflect your style.
  • Colors and images for a visual representation of your energy.
  • Upload personal photos, infusing the journal with your essence.


Included in Your Purchase:

  • A PDF link to your editable template and comprehensive instructions.


Resale Policy:

Please note that the purchase of the "21-day Self Reiki Journey Journal" grants you personal and professional use rights only. Reselling, redistribution, or any form of commercialization of the journal or its components is strictly prohibited. This policy ensures the integrity and exclusivity of the product for all users, supporting a respectful and legally compliant community of practitioners.


Please Note:

As is standard with digital downloads, returns are not available for this product. We encourage you to reach out with any queries prior to purchase.


Let the "21-day Self Reiki Journey Journal" be a beacon of love and light in your teaching and healing practices.


With Love and light, Always🕊️

Jennifer Lynn White
Spiritual Master Teacher

💻Spiritual Courses & Digital Products Creator
🔥Usui Holy Fire ® lll Master Teacher
📚 Spiritual Author
🔮Psychic Medium
🕉 Intuitive Energy Healer

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