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Crystal Energy Healing Grid - Archangel Metatron's Protection Grid

Crystal Energy Healing Grid - Archangel Metatron Protection


Exciting News for All Spiritual Seekers and Crystal Enthusiasts!


I’m thrilled to offer you a special gift - a free downloadable PDF printable of Archangel Metatron's Cube, a powerful symbol used in crystal grid practices. This exclusive printable is part of my Crystal Energy Healing Book, which belongs to the celebrated Spiritual Practitioner Mastery book series on Amazon.


Archangel Metatron's Cube is revered for its profound spiritual energy and its ability to amplify your intentions, facilitate deep healing, and connect you more intimately with the divine. By incorporating this sacred geometry into your crystal grid, you tap into the high-frequency energy of Archangel Metatron, fostering an environment of balance, protection, and clear guidance.


Here’s a brief guide on how to use Archangel Metatron’s Crystal Grid:


  • Download and Print: Secure your free copy from our website. Print it out on high-quality paper for the best energetic conductivity.
  • Set Your Intentions: Before arranging your crystals, take a moment to clear your mind and focus on your intentions. What do you seek to manifest or release?
  • Arrange Your Crystals: Place your crystals strategically on the points of Metatron’s Cube. Start from the outer layers moving inward, allowing each stone to resonate with the grid’s sacred geometry.
  • Activation: With a clear quartz point or your finger, trace the lines of the cube starting from the outermost edge inward to energetically activate the grid. As you do this, envision your intentions flowing into the universe, supported by Archangel Metatron’s energy.
  • Meditate and Release: Spend some time in meditation with your grid, trusting that your intentions are being worked on by higher powers.


This tool is not only a gift but also an invitation to deepen your spiritual practice and explore the transformative power of crystal energy healing. It’s designed to be accessible and empowering, reflecting the essence of my Spiritual Practitioner Mastery series.

Embark on this magical journey with Archangel Metatron’s Cube and discover the profound shifts that await.


Download your free copy today and elevate your crystal grid practice to divine heights!


With Love and light, Always🕊️Jenn💕✨️


Jennifer Lynn White

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