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Flower of Life Crystal Energy Healing Grid

Flower of Life Crystal Energy Healing Grid


Exciting Opportunity for All Spiritual Explorers and Crystal Lovers!


I am delighted to share with you a very special offering - a complimentary downloadable PDF printable of the Flower of Life Crystal Grid. This invaluable resource is part of our Crystal Energy Healing Book, featured in the renowned Spiritual Practitioner Mastery book series.


The Flower of Life is a sacred geometry pattern revered across cultures for its perfect form, harmony, and proportion. Utilizing this pattern in your crystal grid practices opens doors to profound spiritual insights, harmonizes energy fields, and enhances your ability to manifest your desires and intentions.


How to Utilize the Flower of Life Crystal Grid:

  • Download and Print: Grab your free copy from our website. For optimal energy flow, print it on quality paper.
  • Clarify Your Intentions: Before setting your crystals, pause to clarify your intentions. Whether you wish to attract something new into your life or release something that no longer serves you, intention is key.
  • Position Your Crystals: Place your chosen crystals on the intersections of the Flower of Life pattern. Begin from the center, moving outward, allowing each crystal to synergize with the grid's energy.
  • Activate the Grid: Use a clear quartz point or your fingertip to trace the design of the Flower of Life, starting from the center. Visualize your intentions being amplified by the grid and sent out into the universe.
  • Meditate and Trust: Sit in meditation with your activated grid, holding space for your intentions. Trust in the universe to guide and support your desires.

This offering is more than just a gift; it’s an avenue for you to deepen your spiritual exploration and harness the power of crystal energy healing. Designed for both novices and seasoned practitioners, it reflects the core teachings of our Spiritual Practitioner Mastery series.


Embark on a transformative journey with the Flower of Life Crystal Grid. Download your free copy now and elevate your practice to new spiritual heights!


With Love and light, Always🕊️

Jennifer Lynn White
Spiritual Master Teacher

💻Spiritual Courses & Digital Products Creator
🔥Usui Holy Fire ® lll Master Teacher
📚 Spiritual Author
🔮Psychic Medium
🕉 Intuitive Energy Healer

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