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Old wounds and traumas will continue to try and "trigger" you to see if you have truly learned how to release what no longer serves you -

There will be moments and experiences that will try to have you come running back to everything and everyone that made you feel unseen, unworthy, and even unloved.

Emotions will try to take hold of your heart like shame and guilt for choosing to stay the course of unconditional Self-love - it will challenge you in heartbreaking ways to see if you have learned to truly release what no longer serves you.

The chapters in life you have been through were all particular life lessons you came here to conquer. You choose family members, traumas, and life experiences so you can work through karma and ascend your soul in this


Not everyone or everything from each Chapter will be a part of the next Chapter you are writing. Sometimes, it is VITAL to release certain relationships and experiences to wrap up the "cycle" (Chapter) you are currently writing so you can step into the next Chapter.

If you get stuck holding onto the relationship (s), trauma, trapped emotions, and experiences - you will keep repeating the same lesson (s) - with a similar relationship and experiences until you learn to choose unconditional Self-Love and release what no longer serves you.

When we can reflect on where we have come from and what we have experienced - choosing to let go of everything that has not stayed meaningful and impactful on our entire journey - it is VITAL not to allow old wounds & triggers to resurface - regardless of the current life tragedies all around you.

Release the guilt.

Release the shame.

Release expectations of others.

Choose unconditional Self-Love.

Step into the next Chapter.

Invocation and prayer:

I choose to release what no longer serves my highest and greatest life experiences - I choose to step into unconditional Self-Love by releasing any trapped and stagnant negative emotional energies I am holding onto

Consciously or unconsciously created in the life lessons, cycles and karmic debts that I am working through to ascend my soul to its highest and greatest potential for my highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all involved.

So it is done.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank You.

Love and Light, Always

Jenifer Lynn White

Ways to Work & Learn with me:

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