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Healing does not mean you forgive, release, forget and never feel, think about or have it trigger you ever again.

Healing is learning how to feel it, forgive it, thank it, release it, and each time it triggers you - you spend less and less time allowing it to emotionally hold you in its embrace - each time the emotion it holds for you soften - eventually never having the emotional attachment it once did."

It's something not taught and leaves us feeling stuck and stagnant in a vicious cycle of doing our best to heal our wounds, and as soon as something triggers us, we react negatively - we lose all hope that we are just incapable of healing ourselves - frustrated at the energy we have spent taking courses, doing therapy, energy healing, self-help books and everything in between - feeling shame and guilt for just not being "good enough" to actually fucking heal.

Then our Ego mind takes over - WTF is wrong with me??!! How can I invest in all that I have just to end up triggered and right back to the beginning - yet again.

What's not shared - is this - Your wounds will ALWAYS BE THERE!!! It's how you learn to FORGIVE yourself each time they rear their ugly heads - forgive yourself faster each time for allowing them to trigger you - forgive yourself faster each time for allowing them to have emotional control over you - Healing is the process of Feeling it, thanking it, releasing it - as quickly as you can.

EVERY.SINGLE.TIME it shows up.

Eventually, you will be able to react so quickly to it - YUP, NOT TODAY - but thank you for the lessons - it will be such a quick response that it won't even have time to settle in - your 7 days of Healing from being triggered goes to 5 days then to 3 days and before you know it - it will be seconds, and there is no hold over your mind, body or spirit...

This is the truth about Healing.

It will always be there.

It's the process of taking control of how long you allow it to hold you hostage.

Feel, Forgive, Thank, Purge, Release.


Love and Light, Always

Jennifer Lynn White 💕 💫

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