Jennifer Lynn White

Jennifer Lynn White is a spiritual lighthouse, leading others in self-discovery and the power of emotional freedom through unconditional Self-Love. She is raw, vulnerable and genuine in sharing her life experiences and personal healing journey. Jennifer is an intuitive holistic energy therapist and herbalist.
After witnessing her emotional healing through many energy healing modalities, she became certified as a Reiki - Usui/Holy Fire ® lll master teacher, Trauma Informed Holistic Life Coach, Mind/Body Practitioner, Master Crystal Healer, Sound Therapist and Herbalist. She is passionate about inspiring others and sharing the wisdom and tools to heal their inner emotional wounds so they can live their highest and most extraordinary life experience.
Jennifer was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She currently lives in Saskatchewan, Canada, with her husband and two children. She shares an insatiable passion for travelling with her husband, Steve; together, they indulge in the culture wherever they explore.

Healing sessions are long distance. Her offerings also include teaching Reiki Levels 1/2/3 - She offers Both Adult and Kids Reiki Classes. Kids Classes Ages 5-10 and 11-15. Reiki Classes are also offered Long Distance.


* Relief of depression
* Relief of anxiety
* Stress & muscle tension release
* Ease of pain and discomfort in body
* Improvement of sleep / Insomnia / fatigue
* Immune system support 
* Compassion, empathy, forgiveness of themselves 
* Compassion, empathy, forgiveness of others
* Control of their emotional instabilities/imbalances
* Release of subconscious negative life experiences/traumas
* Mental clarity & purpose
* Heightened self awareness & Intuition 

Jennifer is very passionate about helping clients discover the power they hold in releasing what no longer serves their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. 


Jennifer has a very compassionate and empathetic approach to her clients overall wellness and gently guides them to connect with what they have perceived as negative life experiences, life traumas and negative aspects of their childhood in which their limiting belief systems were founded from. 

Jennifer helps her clients through the process of releasing the subconscious limiting belief systems, emotional blockages, trapped and stagnant energies which creates the physical pain, mental angst and emotional instabilities they are struggling with. 

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