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  • I finished the course but my progress is indicating I have missed lectures.
    I am sorry you are having trouble accessing your Udemy certificate. Sometimes if you do not watch a lecture right to the very end and allow the next lecture to auto-load, the lecture is not marked as complete. Click here to view a Udemy support article about how to see which lectures are not marked as complete. Click here to view a Udemy support article about how to see which lectures are not marked as complete on Android devices. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • I am already a Usui Reiki Practitioner or Master - What is the difference between Traditional Usui Reiki and Holy Fire® III Reiki? - Student Question Answered -
    The Holy Fire® is the most current evolvement (upgrade) of Reiki Energy. For anyone already a Practitioner or Master the differences are in the Healing Strength of the Holy Fire® Energy which is transferred directly from Source Energy and NOT the Practitioner or Master - because of this any limitations of the Practitioner or Master do not impact the healing being received to the recipient. The Attunements have been replaced with Experiences, Placements and Ignitions. The New Symbol HOLY FLAME ® replaces the Tibetan symbols, Including the Tibetan Master symbol, the Tibetan Fire Serpent and the Violet Breath. During the Placements and Ignitions (attunements) the Master no longer "transfers" to the student the Reiki Energy to become a practitioner or Master - They simply hold space for the Holy Fire Energy to do so. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • Do I need to take Holy Fire® Level 1 & 2 if I am already an Usui Practitioner or Master? - Student Question Answered -
    Although It would not be necessary to take the Level 1 course other Reiki Masters who have found it beneficial and have shared their experiences on Udemy - Here are a couple reviews: Courtney Hardy I’m an Usui Reiki Master but I found a lot of base material covered in this course that I did not know or went further into detail with. Diane Mudle It is a good recap of the Reiki origins and historical linage. I have had all my attunements to Reiki through William Lee Rand, and have the books, but I like the way this course presents everything in a written and audio form. Rimensberger Bertrand A very clear and well explained course. (I am a native French speaker and have been practicing traditional Usui Reiki for 6 years) In Level 1 you receive your first Ocean of Holy Love Experience which begins an intense healing process and openness to receive the Holy Fire® Energy, Placements and Ignitions. You will require Level 2 you receive another Ocean of Holy Love Experience and your Level 2 Placement to upgrade your symbols to Holy Fire® Energy. This will also give you an opportunity to begin working with Holy Fire® - which you will quickly feel - as well as begin to expand a deeper connection with your Higher Self, Guides, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and the Divine White Light Beings. In Level 3 - You will receive your Level 3 Master Practitioner Placement (Dai Ko Myo Master symbol) upgrade - You will receive 4 Master Ignitions & New symbol "HOLY FLAME ®" which now replaces some of the Usui Symbols - I go into depth about Experiences/Placement/Ignitions in this course. *** If you have not read the FAQ - I Recommend reading (I am already a Usui Reiki Practitioner or Master - What is the difference between Traditional Usui Reiki and Holy Fire® III Reiki?) 💕✨️ Jenn
  • How can Placements/Ignitions and Experiences be Received Long Distance Via Video Recording?
  • I am finished the course, where is my certificate?
    Once you have completed all of the lectures, you should see a progress bar with a green or gold trophy. Clicking on that trophy will lead you to your Udemy certificate. STEP 1 - GET YOUR UDEMY COMPLETION CERTIFICATE (LECTURES 100%) =================================== You must be 100% finished with all the course lectures in order to "trigger" your Udemy completion certificate. Your lectures must be 100% done in order for your custom certificate to be processed. That means you must ensure you also complete this entire lecture, too! *NOTE: If you're having issues completing all lectures, refer to this Udemy article on how to complete your lectures 100%. If that doesn't work, contact Udemy here: STEP 2 - SUBMIT THE CERTIFICATE REQUEST FORM =================================== After you've done the above Step, you can submit for your Deeply Rooted Journey Academy™ custom certificate here: CERTIFICATE REQUEST | Deeply Rooted (*NOTE: Your course progress will be checked, so if you're not 100% done and haven't received your generic Udemy completion certificate before submitting this, your Deeply Rooted Journey Academy™ custom certificate will not be processed. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your Deeply Rooted Journey Academy™ custom certificate to be processed, which will be provided in Downloadable Canva PDF format and emailed directly to you (as per the request form). The email will come from Deeply Rooted Journey Academy™ so be sure to mark any emails from the domain as "safe" in your address book. Please always check your SPAM/JUNK or PROMOTIONS folder first, often stray messages will be there! If you haven't received anything from the Deeply Rooted Journey Academy™ team and it's been more than 2 weeks since your request date, please re-submit your request and advise it has been past 2 weeks you sent original custom certificate request. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • How do I Request the custom Deeply Rooted Journey Academy™ IAOTH Accredited Certificate & Membership Discount Code to become an IAOTH Accredited Therapist?
    The Details on how to receive your Deeply Rooted Journey Academy™ IAOTH Accredited Certificate & Membership Discount Code to become an IAOTH Accredited Therapist is included in your Course (s) BONUS LECTURE You will find the BONUS LECTURE at the very end of your course units. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • I finished the course but my progress is indicating I have missed lectures.
    I am sorry you are having trouble accessing your Udemy certificate. Sometimes if you do not watch a lecture right to the very end and allow the next lecture to auto-load, the lecture is not marked as complete. Click here to view a Udemy support article about how to see which lectures are not marked as complete. Click here to view a Udemy support article about how to see which lectures are not marked as complete on Android devices. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • Is there a deadline for me to complete my course (s)?
    There is no deadline for you to complete this course. You can begin when you are ready and take the time you need to work through the course (s) so that you absorb the material and have time to practice. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • Can I access the lectures once I am finished the course (s)?
    Yes, you have lifetime access to the lectures once you have finished the course (s) including updates and new information. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • Can you really learn Reiki online?
    Regarding those who question the validity of learning Reiki online – just as there were individuals who questioned the validity of Reiki as a healing modality, any time we are exposed to something new that threatens our paradigm and way of seeing/doing things fear arises. Online learning is turning the traditional educational model upside down. I love teaching Reiki in this way because I can take time with the students, the interactions are always one on one and through this medium students who may not have had access to in person courses can now learn this wonderful gift. I taught Reiki in person for years and the feedback I receive from students in our online course is profound. I encourage you to explore the Student reviews on Udemy. I love that students come back to visit the material and keep in touch and that our community grows stronger each day. Energy is not limited by time or space and so it makes sense that teaching about energy is also not limited by time or space. Just as we teach in Level II about distance sessions being very effective, distance Experiences/Placements/Ignitions are also very effective. I have had so many students take in person courses and then sign up online as a review and they have commented on how meaningful the online course and the Experiences/Placements/Ignitions were for them. You will notice that most of the people who are strongly opposed to this method of learning are in-person Reiki Masters who may have fear around this new model interfering with their own courses and course fees. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • I cannot download the pdf files
    Here is an article that may help: Udemy support pdf
  • How can I view the course lectures offline?
    You can download the lectures using the app for offline viewing. Here is an article with tips that will hopefully help. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • Does taking Level 2 enhance your ability to do Self -Reiki? - Student Questions Answered.
    Yes taking Level ll enhances your abilities in many ways - You receive your level ll placement and activation to your 3 Level ll Symbols (2 of which will help tremendously with your daily Self-Reiki) - Cho Ku Rei is the (Power Symbol - strengthens all symbols and healing intentions) and Sei He Ki (the mental emotional symbol) will deeply enhance your Reiki healing energies and strongly supports you in releasing your mental and emotional blockages. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • Could the level 2 Placement increase your sensitivity like Level 1 can? - Student Question Answered -
    With every Level your sensitivity will increase :) Please Note: There all many factors in your "Sensitivity" increasing - The personal healing work that you do (the surrendering of what no longer serves you" will increase your energetic wellness and ability to become "Clearer" leading to a higher vibrational frequency in which you can tap into Spirit/Your Gifts/purpose & Mission etc. The foods, drinks, body products, thought patterns (mindfulness) daily habits - Gratitude - who you surround yourself with - how often you do healing work on others and yourself - There is many factors! You will soon be guided through the HOLY FIRE Energy Light Beings on what you need to release/replace/surrender for your own personal and very unique healing journey - Listen to your EMOTIONS they are the guidance from your guides - leading you step by step on your path forward. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • What is the difference between giving yourself Reiki and getting Reiki from a practitioner? - Student Question Answered -
    Receiving healing from a practitioner will allow a person to experience the spiritual gifts, perceptions, and guidance from another healer - whose level of conscious and unconscious awareness differs from your own. Their Ego mind does not prevent them from tapping into your "deeply Rooted" emotions that need surrendering and releasing. I believe strongly that "Healers" require energetic healing even more than those they serve, in order to be the clearest Conduits for the Divine and for us to be of the greatest service to others - Most Healers have immense challenges they have faced in their life - these experiences allow healers to understand those they are here to be of service to - because they too have experienced the same traumas/life experiences/challenges as their clients. I also believe that your Spiritual team will always guide you to the healing practices and Practitioners that you require in order to peel back and release other layers you are ready to surrender - always trust the guidance if feeling called to be healed by another. I have used this analogy with some of my clients who have also taken my Reiki Level 1 Course to obtain the knowledge of Self-Reiki: "Daily Self-Reiki is like flossing your teeth daily in between our healing sessions together - If they didn't do the daily Self-Reiki and came to see me months after our last session together - I would need to help them scrape and release the "Plaque" build up again before being able to move forward with new layers of their healing." 💕✨️ Jenn
  • If Reiki goes where it is needed, why are there hand positions? - Student Question Answered -
    If a practitioner is choosing to limit their hand positions, there may be some resistance on a conscious level which could impact the flow of energy. This is not always the case the but what is important is that the practitioner is open to performing all hand positions as needed. I have found that clients do like the physical sensations they experience and having all of the hand positions makes them feel as though all parts of the body were addressed so they are also in place to ease the recipient's mind even though energetically the body is diverting the energy as it needs to. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • Does this course cover the material that is taught in a face to face Traditional Reiki Course? - Student Question Answered -
    Although each Teacher varies in how they teach their courses, this course covers everything you would likely learn in a face to face environment. I have had many students take my online course (s) as a review and have commented that they learned much more than they did in their face to face courses. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • How does a Traditional Reiki practitioner address specific imbalances? - Student Question Answered -
    The body naturally vibrates at a specific frequency. Normally information and energy passes through the body as intended. When energy/memories/beliefs that are not resonant with the body/mind are stored, this can disrupt the flow of communication which can then impact the body’s ability to repair and regenerate a healthy body. Reiki has a naturally high frequency and helps the body to see that dissonant energy. When the body is aware, it addresses those low frequency areas so the body can function as it is intended. This is done without any specific effort of the practitioner. Yes there is scanning you can do known as Byosen scanning and that simply involves clearing your mind, becoming aware and present and setting the intention that Reiki is drawn in as needed by the recipient. You then perform the hand positions as well as any additional positions you feel called to and you remain present. There is no doing to address specific imbalances, only being. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • Is there anything you can say about doing the Placement meditation more than once? Student Question Answered
    Listening to the placement meditation more than once is not necessary. However it is a beautiful experience and may increase your connection to your Higher Self and Spirit 😁 The Ocean of Holy Love Experience Meditation is one to be used as often as you feel called to - This is a healing meditation - It is to help you surrender and release the many layers within you - to expand your awareness and consciousness to everything no longer serving you - spirit knows where to meet you in that divine moment - every Ocean of Holy Love Experience - will be different - accessing in the moment what you are ready to heal 💕✨️ Jenn
  • Is it possible for clients to sense a practitioner’s level of ability to channel energy? Does or can it create a more intense experience for your client? Student Question Answered
    In Level 2 you will learn how The upgraded energy (Holy Fire) comes directly from Source energy and spirit - When receiving your placements and experiences a Master Teacher is holding sacred space for each student to receive directly from source what they require as an individual exactly what healing/guidance needed at that divine moment to meet them where they are at in their journey - This prevents any unhealed/limitations of the practitioner (as per earlier systems of usui Reiki) - A Practitioner is structly a Conduit - holding space - this is the case during healing sessions as well - when a practitioner and a client both come from a heart centered space with an openess and permit their free will to spirit - both practitioner and client will receive the healing/guidance meant for them both during each healing session. 💕✨️ Jenn
  • I would like to join the Private Facebook group for Deeply Rooted Journey Academy Students.
    The guidelines for the group are located in our Course Bonus Lectures along with the link to join the group. ***Please make sure your Udemy and Facebook names are the same (first and last). If they are not, can you please contact me at CONTACT | Deeply Rooted ( with your Udemy name and your Facebook name as well as the email you use for Facebook? Thanks so much! 💕✨️ Jenn
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